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Artisans Malaysia by Persatuan Pembangunan Artisans (Artisans Development Association, Malaysia) is a collection of 101 handmade products. It is a testimony of Malaysian talent & craftsmanship. Designs are inspired by the beauty and diversity in our country. Each item is handcrafted and tested by our association for quality, value, and service.

About the Product
The ultimate 3-in-1 Care Solution for Regeneration and Radiant Glow. The gel works as a toner, serum, moisturizer and suitable for all skin types. It absorbs almost instantly, leaving no sticky feeling or layer of film on skin. It is extremely soothing and calming to inflamed skin. Perfect primer. Erage Gel works very well with make-up and sun-screen without any discomfort. How To Use : After showering, while our facial pores are still open, apply a red bean-sized and spread evenly throughout the face.

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