SHINIE Novel-style Journal by EVOKE

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Every life has a story - and journaling is your opportunity to make yours come alive! It's about pausing for reflection, making sense of what matters most, and discovering paths towards peace. You don't need it be perfect every time – just take the pressure off yourself by listening inwardly and writing unapologetically from that space. Make this personal journey one filled with gratitude...and watch as you transform into someone who leads their own beautiful narrative!

SHINIE: Let the celestial bodies show you how to blaze your own trail! Don't be afraid of showing off what makes you unique - this journal is here to help light up that path. With its prompts, it'll aid in the quest for uncovering and living out those passions with joy and ease. Embrace who you are, break free from expectations, and let your inner star shine!

What you will get:
1 x SHINIE Paperback Journal
125mm x 175mm | 116 pages | Lay-flat binding format | FSC MUNKEN paper, 100gsm, cream | FSC TINTORETTO STUCCO card, 320gsm, white | Blank pages with printed numbering | Random motivational & de-stress pages | 16-page Premium Black | 15-page guided journaling | Front 4 colour pages

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