DREAMIE Novel-style Journal by EVOKE

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We all have a unique story to tell, and journaling is your canvas for painting it. From your hopes and dreams to the struggles you face in life - writing them down offers an opportunity for reflection so that you can find greater clarity on what matters most. It's personal, meaningful work; no two entries will ever be alike. No pressure to make it perfect...just take some time for self-care and go with whatever feels right at that moment – allowing space to truly make this outlet yours!

DREAMIE: This dream-catching journal is the perfect way to keep your dreams alive! Its pages are filled with inspiring wisdom and quotes, a gentle reminder that all you need to make your wildest ambitions come true lies within yourself - so never give up on what matters most. Believe in yourself and seize every opportunity along the way!

1 x DREAMIE Paperback Journal
125mm x 175mm | 116 pages | Lay-flat binding format | FSC MUNKEN paper, 100gsm, cream | FSC TINTORETTO STUCCO card, 320gsm, white | Blank pages with printed numbering | Round corner | Random de-stress and motivational pages | Front 4 colour pages

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