Murunah CollectionMurunah Pleats – Ukhuwah Shawl by Donningdonna

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The main theme for Ukhuwah was inspired by the piece of rug used by Muslim during prayer; the sajadah. Each geomatric patterns symbolize individual sajadah being placed in the mosque. The artisan purposely congregate the patterns on one side and disburse on the other side to tell the story of the situation during this pandemic; the social distancing, which we were once advised to straighten the row ‘merapatkan saf’ for prayer until circumstances need us to be in distance from one another during pandemic.

The white background is chosen as a remembrance of the ‘white flag’ program that we as the rakyat initiated to help each other during pandemic, capturing the spirit of togetherness and helping each other during difficult times in this piece. We must remember that we have each other #kitajagakita

We will however, with God’s will, ‘merapatkan saf’ once again.

- Ironless
- Extra small, tight & neat pleats
- Full pleated end to end
- Awning on-point
- Premium fabric of pearl chiffon
- Opacity 90%
- Preferable to be hand washed. Use delicate setting & put in a mesh laundry bag if machine wash. No spin.
- 2m(L) x 55-65cm(W) can stretch up to 105cm
- Packaging: reusable zipper bag. different packaging might be used (normal plastic), for bargain sale or bundle deal.
- The brand watermark DONNINGDONNA is not presence in the actual product.

Please be informed that colours may different slightly due to camera flash / screen settings.

Crease formed during packing can be steamed out a bit.

May have slight variation of measurement 1cm-2cm.

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