NATUREFEEL Jotter - Dream by EVOKE

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NatureFeel Jotter’s natural cover is crafted from a renewable and biodegradable raw material - naturally fallen leaf sheaths, the creation is rustic and yet elegant, at one with nature. Each leaf is unique with beautiful grains and textures similar to a human’s unique fingerprint. Each cover of NatureFeel Jotter has that natural, wood-like appearance. It may vary in colour from light beige to dark brown and exudes a very mild, pleasant, woody scent. No ‘NatureFeel Jotter’ is identical. Same as no two people are alike. Nature is reminding you that you are unique and precious! Live life to the fullest. Find your passion, follow your heart, use this jotter as a reminder to chase your dreams. Embrace your story and start to define your own experiences today!

This cover is made from naturally fallen dried palm leaves which are picked and undergo a thorough Hydro Pressure Cleaning to remove dirt on the leaves. No chemicals or additives are used. The leaves are then transferred to a steam-presser to be pressed into shape and fully sterilized by Fellaleaf. Due to such natural process, the covers may show some uneven surfaces. We don’t keep many items in stock, so each creation is custom-made uniquely for you, reducing waste and hopefully the need for mass-produced goods.

Product Specification:
110mm x 190mm | FSC MUNKEN paper, cream | 90 gsm | 96 blank pages | round corner | bronze wire-o bind | burn-engraving printing on cover | cover graphic: Dream Catcher

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