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Ladies, this is your fight journal. In every single one resides wild dreams, seemingly out of reach, but the fight only ends when you put down your swords. It's okay to begin your story today. Those mistakes you've made along the way are lessons, not failures. You are meant to get back and find a way that resonates with you. There is no expiration date to reinventing yourself. Use Phoenixie as your ideal 'me-time' companion and eventually become a valuable keepsake for future self.

What you will get:
1 x PHOENIXIE Peranakan Paperback Journal (116pages, 100gsm paper)
1 x Personalised Peranakan Phoenix Mini Canvas Pouch (to indicate)
1 x A Customised Message Page (to indicate)
1 x A specially designed Bookmark Page/Divider with handmade 'charm'
1 x Rainbow Top Diamond-like Ballpoint Pen (Black Ink)
1 x Pack of Complimentary Journaling Stickers
1 x Gift-wrapped Packaging in a shipping box
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