[Handmade] Aroma Bear Car Vent Diffuser Clip by S3

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Hi, we are Anna, Yan, Mai and 365. More is merrier, that's why we are here! In fact, we want to tell everyone that we are actually a car's clip-on aroma diffuser. Give us a ride if you found us cute.

Material: Gypsum powder
Color: White, Pink, Purple, Blue

Bear comes with crown

In Car: Clip on the aircon's vent and drip with your favourite essential oil. 

Study Room/Work Desk/Wardrobe/Drawer:
Recommended to use in small areas for essential oil to vaporize well. 

- Scentless on the bear. 
- Essential oil is for illustration purpose only.
- Handcrafted. Hence, crushes are normal. 
- The picture may not reflect the actual item. Color may differ from batch to batch. 
- Fragile, handle with care. 
- Hold the clip (NOT on the bear itself) when pulled out from the aircon's vent to avoid breakage. 
- Residual traces may be left on the bear which is normal due to the frequency of usage.
- We recommend a lighter color's essential oils. 

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