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Product Details :
Premium Beauty Sponge & Brush Gift Set
- Origin: Korea
- All skin types
- Contains 3 super soft beauty eggs and a foundation brush, meet your needs for different parts when applying makeup
- Contains an exclusive custom mini space capsule beauty egg storage box, small, clean and hygienic, with vents
- Outer premium deep sea blue Milky Way gift box, suitable as gift
- Did you think about why people can draw weightless and light nude makeup effects?
- Makeup effects varies based on the makeup tools used. Makeup sponge gives not only light and weightless, and also stay fit to your skin
- The rebound effect of a good beauty sponge is very good too, a.k.a fluffy. This is due to the size of the pore of the egg, which specially designed to be easy to expand and drain water/liquid, rebound quickly, dry relatively quick, and are not easy to get mold.

Packaging :
Consists :
- 3 pieces beauty sponge
- Storage rack : carbon steel gilded material, dry and wet drying beauty sponge, exquisite and compact, good air permeability
- Storage box : Mini space capsule / storage box, cute and fun, easy to carry around
- Makeup brush : special custom flat head makeup brush, BASF fiber hair, gold aluminum tube, help to create a natural and light makeup effect

Note :
1. Do not use if the skin has symptoms such as wound, allergy
2. Beauty makeup eggs are relatively fragile and must be taken care carefully.
After soaking in water, please don't squeeze it roughly, avoid contact with nails to prevent scratching/breaking the sponge, just gently squeeze the water out.
3. Due to the special designed sponge material to have good air permeability, some fine dust might attached together in the process during the production process. These dust will enter the pores of the sponge during the production. When you soak in water, you will see a little powder floats on the water, which is normal. Hence, it is recommended to wash them before use.
4. The colour of beauty sponge is food-grade, and it will be slightly fade during cleaning, no worry!

Caution :
1. Keep away form fire hazard and reach of children
2. This product is not designed for internal use

Note :
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Information :
Partners / Manufacturer : Amortals Korea
Official Authorised Seller : ab.n.cstore

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