Grub's Up - BSF dried larvae BSF larvae premium Small animals, Exotic, Aquarium pet food by Bryrac Enterprise

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- Premium-quality high-protein Black Soldier Fly larvae - sustainably raised on pre-consumer fruits and vegetables
- Proudly made from certified facility locally
- Rich in Omega 3, 6 and beta carotene for healthy skin, scales, fins and colors
- It's more flavourful and 85x higher protein than mealworms
- Made from sustainable insect meal for our pet and the planet

BSF larvae great for
- Sugar gliders
- Hedgehog & other small animals
- Lizards & turtles
- Fishes
- Birds
- Chickens

We are different!
# We are a huge supporter to pursuit of global environmental sustainability hence we will further discount our products for those refillable treats in biodegradable bag.

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