Munch Up - Freeze Dried Chicken Carrots by Bryrac Enterprise

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- Premium-quality high-protein, low-fat treats are made from 100% pure chicken and carrots
- Proudly made from certified HACCP and AFDA food safety facility
- All our treats are natural that contain no additives, artificial preservatives and no nasties!

How they're made
1. Rapid freezing at -40 degrees with vacuum freeze-drying technology.
2. The freeze-drying process helps retain the enticing aroma, delectable meaty flavor and wholesome nutritional value of chicken.

How our furbabies eats it
* Bites-size treats ideal for cats, dogs, sugar glides or any meat lovers pet. In addition as a training treat, our freeze dried series can also be crumbled over main kibble or wet food to help entice a picky eater.
* Sometimes they prefer to be soak in broth to a more flavorful meals!

We are different!
# We are a huge supporter to pursuit of global environmental sustainability hence we will further discount our products for those refillable treats in biodegradable bag.

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