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Artisans Malaysia by Persatuan Pembangunan Artisans (Artisans Development Association, Malaysia) is a collection of 101 handmade products. It is a testimony of Malaysian talent & craftsmanship. Designs are inspired by the beauty and diversity in our country. Each item is handcrafted and tested by our association for quality, value, and service.

About the Product
Style is a manner of expression of an individual through aesthetic choices, and therefore each art piece crafted by kōyii will be one of a kind.

Daisy Stud | DS01
Diameter: 2cm x 2cm

Daisy Stud | DS02
Diameter: 2cm x 2cm

Marble | MB13
Length: 2.7cm
Diameter: 2cm

Marble | MB12
Length: 3.5cm
Diameter: 3.2cm

Oceanside | OS06
Length: 5cm (from hook to bottom)
Diameter: 2.5cm

Hana | HA12
Diameter: 1.6 cm
Length: 3.4cm

Hana | HA25
Length: 5cm
Diameter: 2.5cm

Hana | HA23
Length: 4cm
Diameter: 3.4cm

Hana | HA11
Diameter: 2.2cm
Length: 4cm

Daisy Stud | DS03
Diameter: 2cm x 2cm

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