LOVEBITE 独家品牌 - 蔬菜干 LOVEBITE Exclusive Dehydrated Vegetables Chips by Snacksbitess

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* 8种蔬菜 - 紫薯 薯条 胡萝卜 红萝卜 青萝卜 香菇 莲藕 羊角豆

采用了 VF 技术 低油 健康 安全!
* 9个月保质期 室温收藏 超级无敌脆!

- 不喜欢吃蔬菜的人 吃了第一口停不下来!
- 太好吃了啦!外面快餐的薯条 感觉油腻、你们家蔬菜干的薯条 感觉健康 少油 还很脆!
- 青萝卜很少见 可是一吃就爱上!超多选择 吃了这个想吃那个 完全停不下来!

- 相信很多人都知道吃蔬菜的好处(比如说高纤维 排便顺畅 还可以预防大肠癌)
- 可是超多人不喜欢吃蔬菜 因为蔬菜味道不喜欢 口感又软绵绵 根本难咀嚼 所以就不吃了
- 当初想要创立这个LOVEBITE 蔬菜干就是因为 想要带给大家 健康 又好吃美味的零食!包括我妹妹不喜欢吃蔬菜的人 竟然也爱上了蔬菜干!你吃过就知道了

LOVEBITE Exclusive Dehydrated Vegetables Chips
Officially launched! #LOVEBITECRISP

*8 types of vegetables: Sweet Potato, Potato, Carrot, Radish, Green Radish, Lotus Root, Mushroom, Okra

Adopted VF technology. Less oil, healthy & safe!
*9 months shelf life. Store at room temperature!

Recent comments about LOVEBITE:
- Even those who do not like eating vegetables cannot stop after the first bite!
- Super nice! Fries from fast food restaurants are oily, but not LOVEBITE. Healthy, less oil yet crispy!
- So many choices. You can't stop once you start eating!

We believe that many knows the benefits of eating vegetables (such as being rich in fibres, smoothens bowel movements, prevents colorectal cancer). But a lot of people don't like vegetables because they don't like the taste and the texture; they're soft and they're hard to chew, so they don't eat them. I originally created LOVEBITE because I want to bring a healthy and delicious snack to everyone. People who don't like vegetables, including my sister, have fallen in love with this dehydrated vegetable snack! You will know after you've tried some!

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