Flora Spices Homemade Puli Inji - Tamarind & Ginger Pickles (200g) by Flora Spices

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A sweet and sour curry with a sprinkle of spiciness, Puli Inji or also known as Inji Puli is a famous dish in the South Indian state, Kerala. This delicacy which goes well with any vegetarian meal (also non-vegetarian meal if preferred) is literally named after its main ingredients which are tamarind and ginger. This gives a tanginess taste to the side dish, while the brown sugar runs down a slight pinch of sweetness to your taste buds and some sprinkle of chili powder and dried chillies gives you the savouriness.

- Weight: 200g
- Ingredients - Ginger, Tamarind, Brown Sugar, Chilli Powder, Dried Chilli, Curry Leave, Mustard Seed, Fenugreek, Asafoetida, Salt, Oil
- Pure vegetarian
- MSG-free
- No artificial colours
- No preservatives

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