COMBO G (SGL013) by Cutelicious Handmade & Healthy QQ Cartoon Bun

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Best Superb 3 Treasure-Crispy Fried Shallot with oil, Crispy Fried Garlic with oil, Crispy Pork Cracklings with oil
-Goes well with noodles, rice, vegetables and even soup!
-100% natural handmade
-100% free from chemicals, preservatives and colorings, so you can eat with absolute peace of mind!
-100% natural and superior raw materials, therefore ensured freshness, healthiness and superb quality !
-Absolutely crispy and delicious in every bite
-Boost up the flavorings in every single dishes that you cook with them!

纯手工 零添加
100%纯小麦手工制作 Whole Wheat Handmade
保证无人造色素 No Artificial Colours & Flavors (X)
无添加防腐剂,No Preservatives (X)
无软化保湿剂 No Dough Softener (X)
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