COMBO E (CB008 / CB009 / M011) by Cutelicious Handmade & Healthy QQ Cartoon Bun

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HelloKitty & Melody Cheese Roll.
Size:Around 12cm 1 pack 2 pieces
HelloKitty brings its good friend Melody to meet you! They are cute and lovely, soft buns filled with cheese, which is salty and creamy... very delicious

Sumikkogurashi buns.
1 pack 4 pieces Sumikkogurashi fictional characters:
1) ShiroKuma, a polar bear who dislikes the cold,
2) Penguin? Cucumbers are its favourite
3) Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) - ShiroKuma's bag, often used when going places,
4) Neko (also known as Gattinosh) is a timid calico cat.

Mozzarella Cheese Mushroom Bun (4pcs/pack).
A perfect combination of Italian white sauce with fresh mushrooms. It's stuffed with lots of Mozzarella Cheese, stringy when melted, therefore it'll be so satisfying to bite into it and tear the bun apart
Those who love to eat Carbonara will definitely fell in love with it at first bite!
A perfect combination of white sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh abalone mushrooms and cabbage as the core ingredients. Steam the bun for 7 minutes and tear apart the bun slowly to experience the stringy pulling effect.
Note: The stringy pulling effect of the cheese varies from different persons (of course, there will be a slight chance you will not be able to experience that stringy pulling effect from the bun), but it will still taste great!!
Unlike other traditional Chinese buns that must be served and eaten while steaming hot, this bun still taste great even after cooled down. It'll have a different texture which is quite similar to eating French loaf.

纯手工 零添加
100%纯小麦手工制作 Whole Wheat Handmade
保证无人造色素 No Artificial Colours & Flavors (X)
无添加防腐剂,No Preservatives (X)
无软化保湿剂 No Dough Softener (X)

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