COMBO D (CB006 / CB007 / T010) by Cutelicious Handmade & Healthy QQ Cartoon Bun

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CutieBack Cartoon Burger Buns.
1 set 4 pieces with the Cartoon character: Mickey & Minnie OR Donald Duck & Daisy Duck.
Buns can be conveniently wrapped around fillings of your choice

RainbowBelly Piggies Cartoon Bun.
Four different cute piggy designs in a pack with a healthy coloring rainbow inside their bodies
Coloring for the Rainbow
Beetroot Pumpkin
Butterfly Pea Flower
Purple Potatoes

Truffle Cha Siu Bun.
Truffle Chia Xiu Bao 4pcs/pack
Have you ever heard of a highly combination such as char siu bun + truffle?
A bun that uses truffle oil in its seasoning.
Delicate and rich in fillings that leaves you wanting for more
A fusion of traditional char siu bun with high premium ingredients such as truffle oil at an affordable price

纯手工 零添加
100%纯小麦手工制作 Whole Wheat Handmade
保证无人造色素 No Artificial Colours & Flavors (X)
无添加防腐剂,No Preservatives (X)
无软化保湿剂 No Dough Softener (X)
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