Sundays With Violet- World Animal Day by Sundays With Violet

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World animal day, lets help out some of the animal shelters, set with

3 pet friendly bathbomb
2 crochet coasters (random pick)
1 pack of mixed of snacks from @furrenzpets

The price is RM50, 30% from the price will be donated to animal shelter

The pet friendly bathbomb is fine to use for cats and dogs infused with neem oil, coconut oil that is totally safe and good for their skin. (Checkout the pet friendly stories highlight in instagram to read more)
The crochet coasters was handmade by a talented friend that would love to help raise some fund for the animal shelters
The snacks was purchased from @furrenzpets and repacking it to this gift set. You can test it out with your pets and purchase it from @furrenzpets some of their items are helping to fund a particular animal shelter too, check them out. The snacks are so good that even our model Georgi can't resist it.

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