Sundays With Violet - Bath Sand by Sundays With Violet

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Budle of 10 pcs bathsand.
Bath Sand is known as bath salt, to use for leg soaking or body soaking, it helps to promote relaxation and soothing properties. The bath sand also infused with different type of Essential Oils, and the vibrant colour are from the cosmetic grade pigments
40ml size, one-time-usage

In general the essential oil's benefits:

- LAVENDER (PURPLE)-soothing, calming,fungal infections
- PEPPERMINT (BLUE)-refreshing, helps headache, muscle aches
- LEMON (YELLOW)-refreshing, anti-viruses/bacteria
- ROSEMARY (RED)-improving mental-focus, relieving pain - TEA TREE (GREEN)-antifungus, antibac, wound heal,fight acne

*colour of each batches may haev variance due to small quantity of batches

How to use:
Prepare the luke warm water and soak for at least 12 min to get the relaxation effect, rinse off after using.

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