Mageline Brightening Instant Glow Serum (Snow White Serum) (50ml) by Mageline World

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"Brighten and even out skin tone in 2 weeks' time to reveal lustrous younger look!

Mageline Instant Glow Revolutionary Technology ""MAGE-WHIT"". 22.11% brightening factors complex, effectively combats dullness, one bottle to kick start skin self-illuminating mode. 15 million potent brightening yeast essence, 99.9% high-purity niacinamide from Switzerland. Radiance brightening ingredients penetrate skin for increased luminosity, multi-dimensionally accelerate renewal, awaken translucent glowing skin.

Scientifically brightens skin from 5-dimension, precisely targets pigmentation for brightening from inside out. Inhibits dullness in skin and preventing melanin formation. Prevents deposition transmission, disintegrating dark deposits. Gently exfoliates acne marks and flaws, re-boosting moisture lustre. Overall accelerates renewal and brightens layer by layer, revealing flawless lustre skin. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

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